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  1. ned help in java.... The task is to make a class of superhero, and create interface of your 1st and 2nd hero. And create class which is the son of both heroes that inherits the power of both heroes. The following table describes the information that an SuperHero has. =============================================================== Attributes/Properties | Description =======================+======================================= Name | Name of your Super Hero -----------------------+---------------------------------------- Gender | What gender is your super hero ( -----------------------+---------------------------------------- Power | Power of your Super Hero -----------------------+---------------------------------------- After finishing this lab you should have 3 class and 2 interface separated as a file. Possible class names: - The Main class = the main UI - The SuperHero class = The superHero super class - The 1st and 2nd hero interfaces = Your 1st and 2nd superHero which have each own unique power. - The SonOfTwoSuperHero class = the son of your super hero inherits the power of the both heroes. - Create an abstract class called Shape with abstract methods getArea() and getName(). Write two of its subclasses Circle and Square. Add additional methods to its subclasses to complete the required inputs of its subclasses. After finishing this lab you should have 4 class separated as a file. Classes: - The Main class - The abstract Shape class - The Circle class - The Square class
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