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  1. One of the best things you can do to improve your knowledge is use the 'firebug' add-on for the Firefox browser. Using firebug allows you to hover over any element, on any web page, make "psuedo-changes" and actually see how the page would be affected in real time. IE and Chrome also both have a firebug addon, but Firefox does it far better than the other browsers. I would strongly recommend firebug to anyone starting out with css. Good luck!
  2. amy

    php email

    True true! It's definitely an option!
  3. amy

    php email

    Hi markvs, It's much easier to just use the single line.. and check your email for success.
  4. I think I may have the last remaining copy of FrontPage. I used that for years.
  5. amy

    php email

    narcis, try simplifying the process a bit by using this code all by itself in a php page: mail('youremail@gmail.com', 'This is My subject', 'This is the message', null,'-finfo@yourdomain.info'); I've always been able to use that on HostGator and most sites without a problem. I do have one host that disables the php mail function though, so it doesn't work with them.
  6. I've got my site setup as 2 sections.. wordpress and a lot of standalone php/html in another section. The search engines don't seem to favor either one so there's nothing wrong with integrating the two for sure. Good luck!
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