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  1. I found a simple website which demonstrate this. Downloaded the pages and went through the code. Apparently its not really that difficult to get hold of. Thanks everyone
  2. Already tried that. I even downloaded all the pages and tried going through them but its overwhelming. I keep losing track among hundreds of HTML lines and id and class names. I was looking for something more simple. Enough to get a clear cut idea of the basic concept.
  3. Hello everyone. A fairly new guy to web developing with a mediocre amount of knowledge and experience here. I've been researching on parallax effect for the past few days. I came across this tutorial. I'm trying to implement the horizontal version of its demo. I have no idea where to start. Did a quite a lot of searching on the internet. There are lots of tutorials on how to create vertical parallax scrolling but next to nothing on horizontal. Went over to stellar.js docs but I'm afraid its not too beginner friendly. Can anybody please tell me a basic structure and what should I d
  4. I'll take a look. Thank you.
  5. I'm creating a vertical menu with a submenu. You can see all the HTML, CSS and jQuery code I've written in this fiddle. Can anyone explain what I should do to make the submenu appear side by when the mouse is hovered over the Projects tab? P.S : This is how the menu really looks. On mouse over, the background color changes to blue but that doesn't show in teh fiddle 'cause you can't import the jQuery UI there.
  6. If I do that, it moves the label way down like this Yes, I have specified the doctype in my page. I just removed it when posting the code here.
  7. I have a simple webpage which initially looks like this. When clicked upon a link, a small form appears to the right. And the label which reads Record Added moves to the middle of the page! How can I stop this from happening? I want that label to stay fixed where it is from the start. This is the HTML code of the page <html> <head> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="stylesheets/styles.css" /> </head> <body id="body_services"> <div id="tasks"> <ul> <li><a id="add" href="#">Add a new taxi service<
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