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  1. You were right. That fixed it. I still don't understand why the <h2> tag showed up the correct color, though, while the <h1> did not.
  2. I'm sorry. I put .com it is mrdsocialstudies.net. I should really purchase the .com and direct it to the site as well.
  3. I'll look. I copied the majority of the .css from a site I did about a year ago. At the time, I knew what I was doing, more or less, as I had recently looked it all up and studied it. Now, though, not doing it all the time, I've forgotten much of the syntax, so I figured, just copy it and change as needed. Another question, though. If I substitute <h2> for <h1>, the css works and it is the color I want. Why would it do that if the body css is overriding the h1?
  4. I seem to have a new problem now. I am working on a new color scheme, and the header for my page is showing up red, though that is not the color I've specified in the .css file. The changes have been uploaded in their entirety to the address at mrdsocialstudies.net. Any ideas as to why my header is red? I've looked through the .css and the index.html files with no luck identifying the problem.
  5. I figured out what I was trying to do. You can see the result at mrdsocialstudies.com. As with most things in this area, the answer was simple, and staring me in the face. I just needed to make the div that holds the globe have a height of 100% to achieve the effect I wanted. I would like your thoughts on my solution, Andrea, and whether it is the "right" one for this situation. As I say, I am very much the amateur.
  6. This may help quite a bit. I need to play with it some to see for sure. Yes, the files I attached have been modified quite a bit since I uploaded them last to the server. I forgot about that as I've been playing with the local files on my PC. I think that you did with #wrapper in the css file what I was trying to do with #maintext. The indentation is still not what I was going for--I was trying to indent the entire text to match the heading of the page, leaving a blank column down the left side equal to the width of the globe image (the green box in your example). What you have done seems to have indented the heading as well. I may be able to get it from here. Thank you for your help.
  7. I am writing a simple site for use with my middle school Social Studies classes and I need some help with positioning the main text of the site. I want it to line up with the navigation bar at the top, leaving a left indentation roughly equal to the spinning globe image on the left top. The site is mrdsocialstudies.net. If anyone could look at the source code for my css and index.html pages and offer some suggestion, it would be much appreciated. I am attaching these files. Thanks for any help you might offer. index.html mrd.css
  8. OK. I got most of it and I am working on the changes. As for the border thing, I realize that I set the background and the left and right margins to show the background. What I don't get is why the center section isn't going all the way down, leaving the portion of the back ground (the blue border) at the bottom. I'm OK with it, but I want to understand why it is behaving in that way. I think I got this one too. Here is the current code: /*CSS for 3 column layout*/ #center { width: 50em; height: 100%; padding-bottom: 2em; margin: 0 auto; background-color: #fffadc; border-style:solid; border-width:4em; border-color:#7BA7E5; border-top-width: 0; border-bottom-width: 0; } /*End CSS for 3 column layout*/ Also, how can I make a break in the page, setting the "Times of Worship..." section so that it shows up centered below the picture and contact info instead of wrapping around the picture? I could use multiple break tags, but I gather that that is considered poor coding. I figured this one out! As an aside, I have gone through the W3schools tutorial on HTML and am planning to continue going through their tutorials on html 5.0, xml, etc. I'm learning a lot, and having a great deal of fun in the process. Your guidance (everyone who has responded, but especially Andrea) has been invaluable. Thanks for your help again.
  9. How do I do this and make the URL default to the page? where should this be added? How should I do this (what units, etc.) to make the page viewable in various screen sizes, incl. cell phones, etc? I have used em in several instances so that the fonts scale together, but I'm not sure that is the best choice. I defined the picture in px, though I thought em might be better. It seems to work. I have margins set at 4em to keep the blue borders. Is this not an acceptable thing? Is there some reason I shouldn't do this? Also, there is a blue border at the bottom (which I like), but I can't figure out what I did to get it there by looking at my code--I don't know how long I've gone over it trying to find out. Finally, can someone suggest how to the "Times of Worship" to show up below the picture and previous text as a heading? (see the website itself for what I mean--www.westhighstreetchurch.net) Thanks much.
  10. Can you reccomend a decent freeware/open source html editor that will facilitate this? I have not come back to this with any real effort in some time, but I have a couple of weeks for the holidays and I'd like to work on it. Also, is there any tutorial(s)you would recommend? From the identifier in the example you posted for me, it looks like you wrote it in html 4 with strict standards compliance? Would I be better off trying to come up to speed on html 4, or html 5 or is there a more current iteration? Thanks.
  11. Wow. Thanks. It will likely take some time to go through all of this, but I appreciate it much, especially the fact that you took the time to both explain and provide an example of the changes. I do have a question (and likely many more as I go through this, but one for now). You wrote: > Use <br> for actual line breaks, not to create spaces. What do I use to create space? Also, part of this was done in Kompozer (I was hoping to do this the easy way, WYSIWYG), then I realized that it just wasn't able to do what I wanted and I went back to coding. That may be part of the problem with some of the style elements in the HTML. Or it could be my mistake--just not sure, but I thought it worth mentioning in case it's relevant.
  12. I am not exactly new to web design, but I am very amateur, having done it as a hobby from time to time and not really keeping up with the standards. I have a made new site for the church I attend, and I made a navigation menu by following tutorials and playing with the code. It looks fine in my desktop browser, but the menu wraps and leaves part of the buttons on a second line in my smartphone. Here is the site: westhighstreetchurch.net I am attaching the css and index.html files. Can someone help? I really would like to have some explanation of how to fix the code rather than someone fixing it for me, though I feel like it is likely fairly simple. Thanks in advance for any help. westhighstreetchurch.css index.html
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