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  1. 1. Is there a way that i make a template and leave blank the content area and photos area. When user click on any link eg XYZ then any script/code ( javascript/PHP........) grabs the content from txt file and photos from photos folder and combine in a new page mywebsite.com/xyz.html or mywebsite.com/xyz.php. In this way i will not need to make thousand pages manually. 2. If this is possible then will google add such pages in search engine ?
  2. Dear All, I want to know how website will be made/languages used with following requirements : I am roughly 1000 Page Static Website. Each page contains 1 main heading, sub heading, content and 2-3 photos per page along with the main template of the website. I had made it by making 1000 static pages and its hectic to maintain. I want a website which should be like this : 1. I want to place all 1000 articles in txt OR doc OR rtf ... OR any format... in 1 folder. 2. 2000-3000 Photos in another folder. (2-3 Photos per page) 3. Now when anyone clicks any of the thousand links in main template, a PHP code or any server side language code should pick up an article from txt file and images from 'photos folder' and make a page which includes article ,images placed at proper place. Now how can i do it ? What languages will be involved ? How it will be made ? Kindly help me out !
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