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  1. When i add an item to the shopping cart..the item does not show instead these is what i see : View Store View Cart Clear Cart Product Id Quantity Amount $product_id $quantity $ amount $product_id $quantity $ amount $product_id $quantity $ amount <?php require_once '../functions/functions.php'; //call the shopping cart function $shopping_cart = get_shopping_cart(); echo render_header(); $product_id = $_REQUEST['id']; if(product_exists($product_id)) { $shopping_cart->AddItem($product_id); } ?> <table class ='shoppingCart'> <tr> <th>Product Id</th> <th>Quantity</th> <th>Amount</th> </tr> <?php //create a local variable called line Item counter $line_item_counter = 1; foreach ($shopping_cart->GetItems() as $product_id) { echo render_shopping_cart_row($shopping_cart, $product_id,$line_item_counter); $line_item_counter++; } function render_shopping_cart_row($shopping_cart, $product_id,$line_item_counter) { $quantity = $shopping_cart->GetItemQuantity($product_id); $output = '<tr> <td>$product_id</td> <td>$quantity</td> <td>$ amount</td> </tr>'; return $output; } ?> </table> <?php set_shopping_cart($shopping_cart); echo render_footer(); ?> Thats my addToCart code. Every other thing worked perfectly well till here..(Lesson7)..Thanks
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