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  1. Long I was wondering how to implement / copy the social cell, mashable.com. Everything seemed fine, until I looked at the page source output. It is one thing that I always do before adding the plugin and I would suggest to anyone that this is a habit to look for the output plug-ins before you add it to your live site.
  2. I have several people watching the same file (GIF) that is connected 'slides' follow-up presentation. Some users have no problems with delivery. Others, when they open a file delivery PHS 5.5 and shows only the first slide and move, but when I open file in ImageReady 2 I can see each individual slide and drop them into your presentation.
  3. doing web design for quite some time, but when you need to do a 301 redirect page for more ... I need someone who took over the company and also changed the company name to the whole site and the domain name has been changed. I need to 301 redirect the old to the new site. I know I could just throw the ASP or PHP 301 redirect, but the problem is that the files are in HTML. Would not that defeat, if I changed all the file names.
  4. This problem is because Google Chrome is known as setting the DNS pre-fetching, which will get the IP addresses of all your current web page links that when you click on any of these links, you can save time by DNS. In some rare cases, the DNS pre-fetching can fail, causing the DNS error.
  5. UML is the Unified Modeling Language. UML defines nine types of diagrams: class (package), object, use case, sequence, collaboration, Statechart, activity, component, and deployment.
  6. Slides can be organized into slideshows, just as posts can be organized into categories.
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