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  1. I had an update wipe out a lot of changes that caused a whole lot of extra work. But I don't want to rush into a child theme. I even lost complete pages in that update, pages that were not in the nav links because I only let select people see them by sending them a link, such as in the case of a resume that I did not want public.


    So far I have only used Weaver II, and the 20xx themes. Are these good ones with which to use child themes?


    I need to establish child themes for sites and it must be a free framework. Tentatively looking at Pagelines DMS and Whiteboard. What about Gantry, and Carrington. Would like other suggestions and pros/cons please. Not doing e-commerce sites.


    When making a child theme is it okay to just copy the existing style.css and functions.php files from the parent to the child theme folder or is it necessary to create fresh files? And, since most of my design to date is done in the parent main options where you can specify and modify the header and other areas, if I use a child theme will I still be able to use and preserve main options styling or will I have to do that only in the style.css in the child theme to preserve the styling? This is the most important issue because setting the styling this way is so easy and it takes me forever to try to figure out another way, mostly because I am never sure where the code should be put. It is not so difficult to find the code samples by using Google.


    Also, I have always used the theme > settings > general, reading, writing to specify thing; and I use the theme advanced options to drop in CSS code quickly since I don't have to look for where to place it. When using a child theme will I still be able to use these parent theme features or will it all have to be done in the child theme?


    What about plugins and widgets, how are those saved from updates wiping them out?


    Thanks for any help!

  2. There is no "align" property (I'm assuming you are talking about "text-align"?) nor no "float:center" either.


    As Eddie said above, changing the margin on .meteor-slides to use "margin: 0 auto;" within meteor-slides.css will center it. I've tested this and it works.


    I would ignore the advice about placing CSS in the <head> section, and update the actual meteor-slides.css CSS file itself. I believe the style.css file gives you that advice because they want to ensure that you don't make any permanent changes to the theme that can't be easily reverted, and that advice doesn't really apply to the CSS file for a slideshow.


    Thank you Ben and Eddie. I am sorry for being so dense about this stuff. I get intimidated because I don't know where to find things until it suddenly dawns on me. Nothing about this stuff ever seem logical to me. But, you both had the right solution, all I had to do was find the darn css which I finally did and bingo it works perfectly! Thank you both again.

  3. For text wrapping around the images, just copy and paste that css (per that link you've provided) to your theme's style.css file at the end.


    To center your slide you will need to edit the slideshow's theme's css file. Look for the following:


    .meteor-slides {

    margin: 0;

    overflow: hidden;

    padding: 0;

    position: relative;

    z-index: 1;



    Change the margin: 0; to be margin: 0 auto;


    I hope this helps.



    Regarding the word-wrap code referenced in my original post above, in the Weaver theme when you open style.css in the editor it says not to edit there but to place code in the <HEAD> section of Advanced Options between the <Style> tags. I placed the wrap code there but there is no difference, still no wrap.


    I did this before on TGS site and had no problem, wraps fine without any code insertions or modifications.


    Also, on TGS site I can drag the images in content area and the text will adjust, but in Sailing site cannot move the images at all.



    As for the slideshow positioning to be in the center, I could not find the meteor css style sheet. I found in another thread that they solved a positioning problem by dropping the code in the Advanced Options <HEAD> section so I did that with the code you provided with the '0 auto' but it did not work. I copied their code shown below


    .meteor-slides {
    margin: 0 0px 0 0;
    padding: 0;
    position: relative;
    z-index: 1;
    overflow: hidden;
    float: right;


    to the Advanced Options <HEAD> section and it actually moved the slideshow all the way to the right. I tried changing float: right; to float: center; with no luck and then changing float: right; to align: center; but cannot get it in the center of the content area.

  4. The site being worked on is here.

    The Meteor Slideshow will not center on the page, neither using the Meteor shortcode nor the page alignments nor both.

    The text below the slideshow will not wrap correctly around images. Note the third image and see how the text breaks from one line to the next in order to wrap. There should be no line break.

    The Important Theme Code shown at http://codex.wordpress.org/Wrapping_Text_Around_Images is suggested to solve these problems. Do you agree? Is there a better way? If I use the code shown, where in the style.css should it be inserted?

    Thank you!

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