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  1. a tad slower for me...but once it loads it is fine....one thing though, CS6 HTML5 SHIV (UR SHIM) loads but there is no sound...I confirmed sound on all the others on CS6....luv these tutorials!!
  2. Thank you to Davidsaga OP and the following comments. I too am of around the same age..(but different plumbing). Coming from the corporate world, I have seen first hand how business like to hire younger people with experience right out of college. I purchased some courses and the library on killersites and am currently studying at a local tech school for design and development(php,javascript,html5,css3...etc...) I agree with the comments above that it shouldn't matter what age or gender you possess to be a viable prospect. The corporate world that I have experienced would beg to differ, so freelancing or trying to find a smaller organization that might not care about your age is probably the best route to go as for getting started. That is the route I am taking....Good luck Davidsaga!!
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