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  1. In my opinion, age and gender has nothing to do with one's ability to design a website. As long as you have the necessary skills and a good health in doing so, you shouldn't have any problems in putting up a website for your clients. However, many people can easily design a simple website without really having any knowledge of HTML or professional help. They can simply use web design software like FrontPage that requires them only to know how to word process and use the mouse for including stuff like images and videos. Even some word processing software like Open Office allows you to safe your document as an HTML file. Therefore, it will be easier to look for clients who need something beyond a basic website. However, all is not lost. There may be some people out there who are totally have no experience in web designing or yet alone using a computer that require you to help them to design a website. You may also want to target your market to such people. However, it is still better if you can do more than just a basic website so that you can widen your clientele. Some basic knowledge in web scripting languages like PHP, Ruby, ASP.NET, or C# can help. Of the languages mentioned, the most popular seems to be PHP and the easiest is ASP.NET. Such languages allow you to design sites that allow owners of websites to collect information from their visitors, perform calculations or create some sort of interactions with their visitors. If you have some basic knowledge in computer programming, you shouldn't have any problems mastering them. Learning PHP is not really that difficult either. If, for example, you want to master PHP, you can buy a book on it and start learning on your own or attend a short course. You may also want to 'Google' for free PHP tutorials. Other than scripting languages, you may also want to learn how to create animation with Flash to meet the needs of clients who requires animation on their websites.
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