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  1. Yes, you are right Andrea. <a href=”#main”> is very common HTML coding which is used in website for going to the header. It doesn’t make a web page to redirect on any web page or also not makes refresh that page. It just works as Java script however it’s not part of Java script. Thanks for your information.
  2. HTML5 must require some capability into web browsers. IE 7 can not support coding system of HTML 5 so, it’s better to use any latest version of Internet Explorer as IE 8 or any advanced. You have said that your website working in Firefox browser at its best then there is no needs to make in changes in CSS or coding.
  3. As per my view, Addthis is really effective code provider for social plug-in on the website. There are lots of websites include this code stream because of its easy access and great Java script system. This social media plug-in also requires less space and few loading time period. These all reasons seem that you have to be continuing with this service provider.
  4. HTML and CSS both are different but they must require for website designing. Here, we have to just needs to concentrate on HTML. Beginner of HTML must have to learn about common HTML tags and its concept. W3Cschool is great website to easily learn about HTML and also for many other things related web designing. You are right this is old post. I have just post this information for any new person who wants to know about HTML. Thanks for HTML 5 and CSS concept.
  5. The navigation bar is the perfect solution for your question. You can include your 50 links through navigate which just open with one click on given button. It keeps hidden all links till you are not required to use those links and also it doesn’t need to make a new web page. Java script takes less time to load web page so, it’s better to use this trick.
  6. You should check your Java script coding and your Div system. If you have found all correct and also your animated object works at first time on your local system then no problems. Many Java queries work when it started first time on the browser and it seems problem while it refreshed. So no need for changes, you have to upload it to website server and then try to check it.
  7. It’s really hard to create portfolio and go ahead in the market without any clients. If you are going to start own business then first you have to work on own project and include it into the portfolio. You can also include some own created web design screen-shots and wallpapers into portfolio.
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    Heading tags into HTML are <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5> and <h7>. This all heading tags use for font size where <h1> is for large fonts and <h6> is smallest font. These tags are used in SEO because it gives more preference to large font tags rather than small font tags for example; any keyword with <h1> includes more effectively than any other tags into the website.
  9. Web design industries must require some effective qualification or some experience about web design to hire any person. If you have good knowledge about web design then no problem, you can surely get job into any web design company. Sometimes, many web design companies must require some level of educational qualification so, you must have to prove that you have strong programming skill.
  10. Well, you should try to make market research for your niche as some of niche visitors have got some different way to access the web. Though Firefox, Chrome and IE being the major market leader you should always consider them.
  11. Well Pinterest is a type of social networking websites where you can list all your images and share with you fellow friends. It can benefit you if all you share those good looking product images and by the way attracting folk to visit your websites. This way you can generate some leads for your business.
  12. Well, I will ask you to go for magento if all you have decided to create your own platform to list those products to facilitate online selling of products.
  13. Hey, why not you use tools such as firebug which will help you to fix the problem while you are browsing your website. Just give it a try and you will be very well in a position to make necessary changes in a code.
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