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  1. I am undertaking a project in wordpress whereby I am running a tennis website where players input their scores on a webform. This data is then exported to a googledocs spreadsheet that calculate a players score and ranking. However, i am trying to code a form that enables a user to edit their entries. I would like to have a form where players enter their score and then have a chance to change their scores if they made an error. I have tried doing this using a php form. However, i do not know how to program the ability of players to only change their scores and not other players scores. Here is a what i have achieved so far. http://testghtennis.stac.biz/wordpress/form.php I want to have a system where once users enter their information in the above form, they can press a button that shows them their populated fields. They can then change their values if they wish and resubmit the form. Once the form is resubmitted, the mysql table will capture the latest data from the player. I was wondering whether you know how this can work or you have some piece of php code that enables this functionality. I am a novice in php and that is why i wanted to talk to someone with further experience than me on this topic. Thanks and look forward to your response.
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