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  1. I've read through a bunch of posts here on my first day, and while I am not a professional yet, I think I will hang around I find myself in an odd predicament. I am a new partner in a consulting firm, and one of my side tasks is to completely overhaul the website. We hired a family friend to do a majority of the work, as she had "taken some classes". To be frank, the demo she gave us was below par. The basic design was nice, but it just did not seem professional. Turns out she did it all visually through Dreamweaver. Is there a way I can go in, and without redoing the whole thing, improve with CSS, jquery, etc? I don't have a lot of experience, but I am a quick learner. Just need to know if there is general strategy. I have about a week to do this, so I can't do a whole lot. Should I provide screen shots? Not sure to what this community responds best. Thanks in advance!
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