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  1. ok, I guess part of the problem was faulty tag. now it opens on my iphone as it should. Still can't figure out why the PC browser adds a scroll bar though.
  2. here is the site, basically a rip of the one that came in the photoswipe download with a few changes made and a few more to come. http://alaininterior.com/mobile/test/ The script comes with 2 galleries, i added a 3rd one... it seems like Gallery3 breaks the code and makes it non-mobile friendly. FOr some reason on a pc a scroll bar is added to that gallery, and when on an iphone the swipe gallery stops working for all three Galleries. I plan on adding a few more galleries - can anyone point me in the right direction? I am very new at all of this. Thanks in advance for any help. Face.
  3. Thanks, I will see what I can manage. The chances are I will go with Javascript, the reason being that this is a school project for someone and will be run using XAMPP or some sort of similar program - so i'm not so much worried about security issues. Hopefully the person evaluating the project isn't worried either. I will continue to investigate anyhow. Cheers, Face
  4. Me again! Things are moving along. Added a search box where you can search "players" by name or id. Added a few more columns to the table. and some other buttons and changed the look of it a bit - now i'm wondering.... .... What would be the best way to have a "confirm delete" option? Can it be done in PHP? or would it have to be javascript? Or just a generic button? Cheers, Face
  5. hehe, when I say sketch it out with pen/paper - i really mean rough rough sketch. stick men, scribbles - but more than anything - just going directly from the brain to my hand to the paper. I suck at drawing - but for whatever reason it helps me stay in check and organized. Use the tequila as a reward Cheers, Face
  6. I like to draw everything via pen/paper before I even touch the mouse/keyboard. I'm not good enough at PS to just let it all flow out on the fly, I have to know exactly where I am going before I start. Try brainstorming on paper - drawing roughed out sketches. look at other sites for inspiration. think about the end user. A couple shots of tequila can really give the mind a jump start But really, give a storyboard on paper a chance. Cheers, Face
  7. Actually, to help myself out I'm going to let you all in on what the project is. Basically its supposed to be a simple PHP/MySQL database that keeps track of books coming in/out of a collection. So basically what I am going to try to do is add a Title, Publisher, and Date Aqcuired column... perhaps a "Aqcuired from where." while always keeping the ability to delete/edit/add... and then I will move onto a program for myself that can help me inventory shop tools / materials. Always happy to recieve advice! Cheers, Face
  8. And of course that is exactly what it was. Thanks for your very quick response to a very stupid problem... I had checked all the files except for that one. Thanks again. from this point I expect to make my own modifications and actually start learning stuff - so you should be hearing from me soon (very). Cheers, Face
  9. First post, please be kind! Ok, so I don't really know much about anything regarding PHP/MySQL - I can do HTML and Flash (providing that is stays away from DBs)... So I downloaded and installed XAMPP, basically copied and pasted, made all the necessary files - and now I have your basic PHP program running on my computer *ALMOST* exactly as you have it on yours (BEN). The problem I am having, and i can't figure it out for the life of me is why I get this unexplainable text at the top of the page saying "VALUES(4, 'Sam', 'Smith');" which is the last line of code that I imported into the "RECORDS" DB... (screen shot included). This text will follow me to every part of the program (new.php, edit.php...) Any ideas of what I missed? PS - The reason I am learning this is to help someone else with a school project. The more I look into PHP the more I want to know, so this might be the start of a long relationship. Cheers, Face
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