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  1. Wow, pen and paper... now that's from the pan into the fire. I'd have to take Face's suggestion of a few shots of Tequila to even draw a straight line! :-) For me, Photoshop is the only way that I even have a shot. I've been thinking about finding a site that I like and just try to duplicate the design in Photoshop or maybe there are tutorials around that explain the intricacies of what was done behind the scenes in a basic design. I may need to toy around in some of the design tutorials for a while. Even if I have to follow a recipe step by step for awhile to accomplish SOMETHING. Another option I've been looking around for are some templates to get me started that are real basic web 2.0 style that I then change around to my liking. Have not found any of those yet though that I like. I learned html, css, and php by tearing apart someone else's code. I've been thinking this may be the ticket for me in Photoshop but I'm not sure yet. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. I am doing quite well in most aspects of web development - html, css, Dreamweaver, php, jquery. My biggest weakness and achilles heel is putting together a layout in Photoshop. I know how to use photoshop, I know the tool pretty well. I can slice and dice an existing layout. But the problem is that I just sit there looking at a blank page and have zero idea how to start a layout of my own. I sure would appreciate some suggestions how to learn to put together different types of layouts in Dreamweaver. I prefer web 2.0 type layouts, nothing real fancy or artistic, just basic user friendly designs. Is it really this difficult or do I just have a mental block? Help please!
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