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  1. Wow, pen and paper... now that's from the pan into the fire. I'd have to take Face's suggestion of a few shots of Tequila to even draw a straight line! :-) For me, Photoshop is the only way that I even have a shot. I've been thinking about finding a site that I like and just try to duplicate the design in Photoshop or maybe there are tutorials around that explain the intricacies of what was done behind the scenes in a basic design. I may need to toy around in some of the design tutorials for a while. Even if I have to follow a recipe step by step for awhile to accomplish SOMETHING. Ano
  2. I am doing quite well in most aspects of web development - html, css, Dreamweaver, php, jquery. My biggest weakness and achilles heel is putting together a layout in Photoshop. I know how to use photoshop, I know the tool pretty well. I can slice and dice an existing layout. But the problem is that I just sit there looking at a blank page and have zero idea how to start a layout of my own. I sure would appreciate some suggestions how to learn to put together different types of layouts in Dreamweaver. I prefer web 2.0 type layouts, nothing real fancy or artistic, just basic user friendly de
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