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  1. Understood Ben. OOP and MVC would be extreme overkill for the little project I'm dealing with. I will keep it simple for now then. Later on if I require such scalable features (being taken on for a client perhaps), then I will look into it further. Thanks for your time!!
  2. Ah yes you have an extremely good point. I'm probably making it more complicated than it needs to be. Its scalability really. For the project, I'm building a database interface for contacts. Later on I may realise I need another attribute of data for my contacts list, such as a secondary telephone number. Do you believe it is a better idea to take into account all attributes that would be required for a contacts database first, then design the database structure? Extra credits for my class is on the mind, going that extra mile. Thanks!
  3. First of all, thank you very much Ben for this PHP script. It has helped me immensely for a college project, and has also up'd my interest in web development again! Now, I wish to expand on your code further to give the ability to add columns to the database. Currently, columns such as FirstName and LastName are pre-defined within the code. The most basic way to do this would be to create a form with a textbox and submit button, and have PHP use the alter command to create the column. The problem here would be the code to view, edit and add records, since they are still hard-coded with the FirstName and LastName variables. Is there any particular method you could point me towards to figure this out? I may be a little over my head with this since it may require rewriting the whole PHP code. Hope I explained this well enough. Thank you!
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