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  1. there are few codes which can do the task you are looking for and you can find softwares easily as well, but mate friendly advice just let it be as it is dont finish the right click function on website as some says it create some difficulties for spiders to crawl the websites

  2. My host told me that there is no way I can do anything on there end other than changing the files to .asp and adding a .asp redirect (which defeats the purpose of a 301 since the search engines will see the .asp file extension as different content) My domain is hosted with a different company (godaddy) and they said i should just do a permanent redirect through Godaddy but I've heard that isnt an actually way to do a 301. Im so confused. Maybe I'll just do rel=canonical


    I have my website hosted by Godaddy as well and i m using .htaccess file to do 301 redirects and it works just fine

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