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  1. Yeah...if ya don't know, ya don't know. I was just trying to stir the pot to get some sort of response. Thanks though
  2. I'm setting up a new computer that will host a web and ftp server. I was wondering how people would partition their hard drives for this task? Is there anything in particular I should watch out for? Also, I have another computer that will have a database server... Same question...how would you partition that computer? Thanks for your advice!!
  3. I'm new to the whole website design idea, but I'm actively pursing my own database driven website! I have had some success in my research but I've currently hit a speed bump and was looking for some personal opinions from others out there!! I will try to describe the functionality I'm trying to achieve as best as possible. Basically I'm looking for a nod of approval or advise on how to do it better. So, here we go.... 1) Computer #1 consists of a web server and a FTP server. The web server will host a dynamic website (I think)... Let me paint a scenario...I have a website which displays a picture called "image.png". I can "dynamically" replace the content of "image.png" locally by simply renaming picture files, but the web server code doesn't change. Might sound kinda stupid, but would this be a dynamic or static website? What exactly defines a dynamic website? I know Apache is very popular, but I was wondering about alternatives (including hybrids) that offer advantages similar to NGINX (speed, scale ability, etc), but for dynamic sites? 2) The website needs to have a user interface capable of taking client information. I'm assuming the combination of XML and JS will work best? 3) The website needs a "drop box" for the client to drop files off. I can integrate an FTP drop on my website, correct? 4) Computer #2 consists of a database server. The two computers are connected via cross over cable. PHP and MySQL will be used to interact with the FTP server and build/retrieve data on the database server. Then a response is created and so on... A few additional questions 1) How should I partition my hard drive for computer #1 (Web and FTP) and computer #2 (database)? (Both Linux) 2) Any good software tips? 3) Is there anything (other than a firewall) that stands out that I have not mentioned? Thanks so much for your input!!!!!!!!!!
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