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  1. I have many slides but got problem can't find the current number of slide! How to show current slide number? ex: ( 3 of 8 ) Thanks for any idea! Here is example : http://jsfiddle.net/VbHEB/18/
  2. I'm trying to create my own style custom horizontal scrollbar... For I want is change this code to Horizontal Scrolling only,,,,but I can't find to correct these codes Thanks for any idea!!! Here css code: body { background:#eee; margin:0; padding:0; } .example { -moz-border-radius:3px; -webkit-border-radius:3px; background:#FFF; border:1px #000 solid; height:600px; margin:20px auto; padding:15px; position:relative; width:800px; } #main_content { height:50%; left:5%; overflow:auto; position:absolute; top:5%; width:90%; } .ssb_down { background:tran
  3. Hello!!! I have many tables with tr and td, and I want to create Next/Previous to navigate these tables by id..... ex: ( <<Prev 3 of 5 Next>> ) Do you have any idea or tutorial to show me how to do with javascript? Thanks
  4. I'm coding a simple website by my own. Now I have only way to manage contents manually, haha so now I want an iframe scrolling on horizontal only, no need vertical scrolling! Have any idea to fix this? thanks for help.
  5. Thanks for trying to help me and soft ! !!!Sorry for crosspost and that failed upload the sample image in this forum For I want is......html, php, or mysql as admin to edit, add, and remove contents and the content upload by code(ex: <a href="#"><img src="#.jpg"></a>) not choose image file from computer! one more is have next/previous depend on much content! my english language is not good to explain,,,hahaha!!! Thanks for any help! happy weekend!
  6. Dear! I'm an html beginner, and I want to create a form easy to edit, add, delete contents in a table. and the table have next/previous if have much contents. Do you have an idea or tutorial to show me how can connect my html with PHP admin content editor or else..? Thanks ^^ below is example images (thumbnail): [Mod Comment] Copied / pasted from now removed mostly identical post: here is example images: http://www.webdesign...ample-jpg.4680/
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