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  1. yeah i think you are right. according to me Open source software is often developed in a public, collaborative manner. The promise of open source is better quality, higher reliability, more flexibility, lower cost, and an end to predatory vendor lock-in.


    Hi keylogger! Perhaps you misunderstood my question. Yes, I actually quite know what open source software is and that is why I am looking for one which can be of great help to me. I have actually searched the web but cannot be quite assured of the results being given to me that's why I came up with the idea of asking the people here at killersites.


    Anyway, I know your objective at replying is good. I just want to clarify myself. Thanks for your reply, by the way.


  2. Hi.


    I am currently researching for an open source software that can be used in creating/developing an online survey and examination. Can you guys give me some suggestions? Or would you rather I code from scratch (Which can be so much hassle since I'm not that great of a programmer)?


    Your suggestion (especially if you already experienced this) can be of great help.

    Thank you.

  3. By "different way to access the web", are you referring to the new medium being used by users now to access the web? Actually that is indeed one of the other issues that I would like to consider. However, situation being as it is now, I'll just focus first on how it will appear on different browsers...


    Thanks though, I'll keep in mind to make a market research...!


  4. Hi!

    I am currently on a project where I am testing the accessibility of the website being developed by my team. What do you think are the most important browsers that I need to keep in mind while testing their functionality and design because I find it a bit difficult to test each one in each browsers and I find other browsers to be boring because they load too slow...

    I can't wait to see your feedbacks..


  5. Hi.


    Yes, banner ad works. How? Banner ad is quite similar to a traditional advertisement you often see in printed publications (newspaper, magazine, etc.,) however since it is online and clickable, it has the ability to bring a potential customer directly to the advertiser's Web site.


    I suppose if your banner ad already created enough traffic and made you indexed well by search engines, it will create immense impact on the organic search result of your chosen keywords.

  6. Hey mate, sorry. Same as I said to Benjamin, you should be able to sign in now. Sorry about that.


    Hey, glad you did. :clap:

    I'll be using it sometime soon. I hope you find more features to add to it, I find it rather too straight to your objective. I suppose you need more comments from them, but nice one..


    Good luck with SnipSave :)

  7. Dreamweaver was and still is a popular tool but like all the rest is only truly beneficial when you understand what it does and how to modify that when required.


    Also worth noting that in many places the rate of using that type of tool is falling. Plenty of good developers just use something like notepad2, very free, very simple. Even if the site is going to end up pinned to a chosen CMS, this is still the way development often starts.


    If you are just building a site or two for personal use, good luck with whatever you choose but to move beyond that, learn the basics of (X)HTML/CSS first, to the point where you could put together a reasonable static site from scratch.




    I totally agree with this. I use notepad++ because it gives me more flexibility. I like the idea of being able to control everything about the codes I have. Actually, Dreamweaver is not recommended I think for beginners because they will not be able to grasp the codes beyond those "codes". Better to learn (x)HTML AND CSS. It will take you a long way in designing.


    There's a bunch of tutorials here, start reading. Goodluck! :)

  8. Here is an example of a simple line of code.


      echo "Hello World";


    This is an example of a simple simple simple script.


      if ($user == $username) {
          echo "Hello, You are verified.";
      } else {
          echo "Sorry, That is not correct.";


    The script does something if you need to check something etc. Code is what builds up the script if that helps any. They are pretty much the same though


    Thanks! That's a great help! :)

  9. Hi!


    I am currently in the documentation stage of our Project. I was asked to put the source code, function, file name and tables used because the client asked us to, (it might also serve as their user manual?). Well, I am just an intern and is therefore still new to this kind of business, and so that I will not make a huge mistake, may I just ask from you what the difference of a code and script is so that I will be able to identify which is code and which is script. It might sound stupid but, I am really confused. Thanks!

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