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  1. Ruby on rails is new but simple.. one of my friends is using this and he actually thought me ROR in few mins and it looks simple....
  2. Web design and SEO you can work at home... working at home is almost same only diff you ll be waking up late n doing your stuff n who knows you may end up being lazy... lol
  3. Rofl...good one...thanks for sharing...
  4. I dunno why IE still exist.. Mozilla is the best....
  5. Sorry for the delay in wishing... Happy new year to ya all... stay happy..
  6. If you have a good portfolio then you can demand more. As you said clients gonna try out to get things done for cheap.. i Dont blame them even we would have done the same.... Keep low base price and increase the price for each functionality...
  7. Thanks for sharing this... IF the offer is still open i am ready for it
  8. choose the best one based on the requirement. I recommend OScommerce which is simple and easy to learn. Magento is good too.. As i said based on the requirement you gotta choose.
  9. Wordpress is good .Content can be edited easily. Joomla is good but, the problem the admin panel is not user friendly. Its bit complicated
  10. CMS based is always better. It saves you time of uploading content and font color and stuff. Just create a website and tell the client to add whatever content he wants. It will save your time as well the client will be happy to have control over the content
  11. Quality speaks for itself. When you create awesome website the visitors who checks in your website maybe interested in getting a site of his own..
  12. try not to stuff irrelevant keywords. placing keywords in the page title and try to put in the keywords in the meta description helps...
  13. Quality comes with a price. If someone says that he is gonna get you on top rankings in 2-3 weeks then he just doing the initial money. Real experts will always tell you the amount of time and the work involved. He will tell you that we can get it on top say like 3-6 months then he is real. You will find lot of people who will claim to get on top withing few weeks.
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