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  1. I have recently brought the beginners web design course. I have a problem. When I have done the html on notepad, I 'save as' to create my first web page. As I change the text on the notepad/txt window (then click 'save' and refresh on the web page), all is fine and the alterations show on the web page. However, once i close both windows and then re-open the two windows and edit the html, the web page will not alter. I have to delete the exisitng web page and then ' save as' from the notepad/txt to start a new web page. I can then make alterations, but only until I close the windows. Every time I come back to it, I have to start the process of deleting the exisitng web page and starting a new one. Can anyone please tell me where i am going wrong? Thanks Stephen (stephen.britain@btinternet.com)
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