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  1. I am trying to connect to an Oracle db using ZF. I was able to connect using the following script -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <? $tns = "(DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS_LIST=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = xyzhost)(PORT = 1521))) (CONNECT_DATA=(SID = xyzdvl)))"; //Define TNS Connection for Oracle // open database connection - New $ora_conn = oci_connect('username', 'password', $tns); if (!$ora_conn) { trigger_error('Unable to connect to database', E_USER_ERROR); } ?> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now I am trying to connect using application.ini See below ---------------------------------------------------------------- resources.db.adapter = PDO_OCI resources.db.params.host = xyzhost resources.db.params.username = username resources.db.params.password = password resources.db.params.dbname = xyzdvl ----------------------------------------------------------------- For some reason it's not working in ZF. Can you help me with this? Thanks a lot. Sam
  2. not on either one, unfortunately. I am on skype though. Would that work? Here is my email sam@tekwi.com. I really appreciate your help. I am loving ZF. Especially the CLI. At this point I would love to learn anything that will help me speed up.Thank J.


  3. Thanks a lot. Will test it out.
  4. Hi Can you let me know how to assign values from the query below: public function getUser($username, $password) { $row = $this->fetchAll("username = '$username' AND password = '$password' AND role ='admin'"); return $row->toArray(); } getUser function will return the data in an array. How do I set each value from this array into each variable. $uname = username value from array $role = role value from array Thanks a lot.
  5. phptek

    Zend Sessions

    Thank you very much J. That really helped.
  6. phptek

    Zend Sessions

    Thank you, Ben. I am familiar with regular php syntax. I was wondering if there are some classes from which i can use some methods to set sessions in Zend framework. I will check out the link you posted as well. BTW, the videos from killerphp are what got me into Zend, and now I'm loving it. Thanks for all you do to the community. Happy Thanksgiving. - Sam
  7. phptek

    Zend Sessions

    Can you please post an example of setting the username of the user into a session and displaying it on the page as a greeting as "Hello username". Can you please use an easy way to do it using the latest zend framework in controller class? Thanks a lot. Sam
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