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  1. 123ContactForm plugin for WordPress - you can play with full CSS customization and it also has a gallery of predefined colour themes to choose from if you like. I also like the security options these guys offer: CAPTCHA and smart CAPTCHA, SSL data encryption, password protection. Hope it will work fine for you too!
  2. Or maybe you can convert the PDFs that you wish to merge into an image file format, do the merging in any photo editing software and then convert the result back to PDF.
  3. "Tofayel" thought of a different acception of the term, the inter-page one, that values in SEO. However, the technique is the same.
  4. Here is a tutorial for creating text animations in After Effects. If the thread is still active...
  5. Elia6789


    I guess the OP is a web developer interested to see what on-page SEO techniques to apply. To sum up the points stated by LSW, here is an article about the up-to-date techniques in this range.
  6. As general tips: - you need to set rules over the speciffic fields that contain values you wish to influence the price. - for the certificate of authenticity data, you have to create the document's template on your server. Then use a form processor that provides integration with 3rd party apps like WebHook, so as the data collected by the form is transferred to the script and filled in the certificate Using 123ContactForm generator you can do both the above very simple.
  7. I may recommend Presta Shop, also free, storing data in MySQL; it has various types of payment integrations.
  8. Here is a tutorial with downloadable JQuery plugin, that may prove useful.
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