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  1. Sry for late reply. Thx for the tip managed to figure it out .
  2. If you are just talking about viewing the page locally within your home network, you don't need to turn on OSX's built in webshare. MAMP can share pages perfectly fine, you just need to punch in your mac's ip adress from the PC, and then the port number for MAMP, as far as i recall it runs on a port 8888, so you would have to punch in for instance in the PCs browser
  3. Great little tutorial, was just what i needed. How would you do pagination for big amounts of information, like you for instance do on this very forum. (Where you don't necessarily have every page from 1 to 100 listed, but only the first couple of pages and then the jump to last button?) Im sorry if you have already covered this in one of your video tutorials and i just missed it.
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