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  1. This is sad to say "but" I have been a couple of days trying to get a page I am working to link my css file. Changing the name, location, pulling my hair out. Only to go back to the video on ways to link your page and there it was I was putting "text/html" in the type area instead of "text/css it never seems to amaze me how  the smallest thing can make such a difference Just wanted to share Thank You...

    And Have a Nice Day  :mellow: 

  2. Well Hello there,

    I downloaded some images form Graphic Stock and one of them is a pdf background and it says put text here.

    I can not get the image to load on web page. It will display the image name and have the pixel size

    I want just not the background, is this something I might get some help with? Or where I can research the problem?

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