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  1. After a little research I realise I need to do the whole layout using CSS, but I don't know how. Is there a particular site or tutorial you would recommend or me to learn doing layouts with CSS? The float:left and absolute positioning and z-index stuff, i dont understand any of that lol. Thanks for the quick reply!
  2. Hello everybody! I am going to try to explain this the best i can without confusing everybody I am trying to create a textured background that will sit "behind" the site banner at the top of the page. like this: www.tymeout.org Notice that at www.tymeout.org when I grab the resize on the left or right of the browser and resize the browser - the textured image STAYS WITH the banner at the top. meaning the design on the bg image stays right with the center banner regardless of how small or large my browser window is. When I set a static bg image for my site and then center a banner in a table, when i resize the browser my banner and background image do not move together, the center banner just floats over the static bg image. This becomes a problem when I have a textured design that starts on the bg image and continues through the center banner to the other side. As soon as the browser is resized - bam it doesnt match up anymore because the center banner just floats over the static bg image. I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance your help!
  3. I earned an associates degree in IT - Web Development & Design, and I would say 60% of my classes were geared toward IT, I took classes on html & css, dreamweaver, photoshop, flash, JavaScript & php, visual basic, career skills for IT professionals, etc. the other 40% were things like economics, oral/interpersonal communication. This was a technical diploma so it was more practical, i believe, than getting a bachelors degree.
  4. cool, im glad i found this place. Have been browsing through the forums, very useful info and responses are quick!
  5. Thanks for the replies. I am pretty sure I'm going to get them. I had a subscription to lynda.com but those tutorials were for learning software. This seems to be much more geared towards me learning practical real-world web design!
  6. Hey, my name is Mike and I am brand new to this forum, just signed up. I have had my eye on the Complete Web Designer & Complete Web Programmer DVD's for a few weeks now. I recently graduated college with a degree in IT - Web Development and Design, which gave me a good foundation to build upon, but there is still a huge gap between where I am now and where I need to be - even for many entry level positions that I have came across/applied for. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with these DVD's, where they really worth the money, full of good real-life web design/programming skills that i need to learn? If I get both the complete web designer & programmer DVD's thats $200. Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, like I said im brand new here. And I plan on sticking around for a while Thanks a lot! Mike
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