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  1. Graphic Design

    Keywords for SEO's

    Increasing traffic to their sites is usually a major goal of website owners, especially if the website features advertising or offers products for sale. Proper keyword use for search engine optimization or SEO can increase website traffic without the expense of advertising. So it will be better to use all the words altogether.
  2. Graphic Design

    What is an anchor

    In Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), an anchor is the establishing of a term, phrase, image, or other information object as being either: The target of a hypertext link within a document, or a reference (a link you can select) to such a target.
  3. Graphic Design

    SPAM in the forums!

    I have posted more than 15 posts in a forum and after that i have add signature consisting of URL of two websites. But now when i am going to put some posts it is showing that you are banned. They are also not allowing me to login there. Why this has happen. Can you please explain me?] Deleted until admin allows it - LSW
  4. Graphic Design

    Div tag

    Thanks for the replies.
  5. Graphic Design

    HTML or CSS

    You have to learn Html since it is the basic language for design and develep a website. after that you can learn css or php.
  6. Graphic Design

    Joomla or WordPress?

    I tend to think Joomla is a CMS with blogging features and WordPress is a Blogging tool with a lot of CMS features, so there should’t really be any comparison.
  7. Graphic Design

    Java OOP Basics Tutorial

    Yes I am interested.
  8. Graphic Design

    OpenSource: An Alternate Choice For You?

    I have just read your comments and the list of open source. I have learned a lot from your site.Thanks for sharing.
  9. Graphic Design

    video in background

    thanks Ben, I was searching for this information.I will apply this in my website.
  10. Graphic Design

    Open Source or Closed Source - What to choose?

    Open source software can be defined as software distributed under a licensing agreement which allows the source code (computer code) to be shared, viewed and modified by other users and organisations.Closed source software can be defined as proprietary software distributed under a licensing agreement to authorized users with private modification, copying and republishing restrictions.Open source software is free. This is a huge draw card, and if your in-house capabilities are such that you are able to implement, train and support at little cost to your organization it may be an attractive option but The cost of proprietary software will vary from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand dollars, depending on the complexity of the system required. This cost is made up of a base fee for software, integration and services and annual licensing/support fees.Open source software is often viewed as having security issues. New data from Forrester Research has shown that 58% of IT Executives and technology decision makers in large companies are concerned about the security of open source software. On the other hand Proprietary software is viewed as more secure because it is developed in a controlled environment by a concentrated team with a common direction. Moreover, the source code may be viewed and edited by this team alone, and is heavily audited, eliminating the risk of back door Trojans and reducing the risk of any bugs or issues with the software. At last i just want to say that When deciding between open source or closed source (proprietary) software, it is critical to first consider the organization’s business internal (resources and capabilities) and external (stable or evolving) environment, and the level ofrisk the organization is willing to take. The aforementioned issues can then be used as a guide to make an informed decision between the two.
  11. Graphic Design

    Div tag

    Can anyone explain me about the Div tag. Where it is used.
  12. Graphic Design

    Cropping of an image file

    Thanks a lot Ben for the aid, I will surely go through it now, and send you the response. Ones again thanks a lot.
  13. Graphic Design

    Cropping of an image file

    Can anyone help me with the code in jsp of how to crop an image file into desired size. The image will be uploaded by the user himself.I want to know the method, in which Cropping is done by the users with their profile picture in socials networks such as Facebook. The user uploads a picture from his / her system, after that crops a particular portion of that image as their profile picture...