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I am an aviator thru and thru. I was born this way and I will eventually die this way. I can't think of anything greater than taking the controls of an Airplane and climbing to 6,000 feet to see the world the way that God see's it, except maybe my family.


I am learning new computer skills for my Online FSX community www.bostonvirtualatc.com. The community has been around for almost 5 years. While we already have a general community website, it doesn't quite cut the mustard when it comes to the needs of my department. Within the community I am the Director of Flight Training. Since I took the job two years ago I have been struggling to find a way to improve the efficency and the productivity of my department and the many requests that we get on a daily basis. I have always known that databases and forms were going to be a big part of that solution, but until recently never had a clue of how to develop them to make them work together. The project that I am working on is going be like nothing that anyone in any virtual FSX community has ever seen, I know that with the right tools, I will be able to catpult my department to the next level, and take our community along with us. If you would like to see a preview of some of the things that my department is working on, just follow the links below.



If you are trying to add me to your Skype contacts list, in the message box please indicate that you are a member of the Killersites Forum so that I know how to categorize your contact card.

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