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  1. Thanks Grabenair. And to all; I've just made an image of a blue square, put it in place, got rid of my tiled background, and left it at that. It's a messy solution but I can't think of any other I could possibly manage. Internet Explorer is such shite -excuse my French. How they are still the most popular browser is a mystery to me.
  2. I am using 7. Your site does work fine; it just seems that IE 7 just likes to put things to one side instead of centering them; I have not seen a single site that remains centered as in FF when I zoom out. This means I'll have to change how the background is positioned so the site isn't ruined when users have different screen resolutions. Which will in turn spoil how it looks in FF. :/
  3. Ben, were you aware that even your own site doesn't center properly in IE? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/808/14204843.jpg/ But it does do it perfectly in FF http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/84/fcff.jpg/ In your case it's not too great an issue because the background stays with the rest of the content, keeping the design unified, but in my case with a background that is centered and content that won't center it looks awful! I can't find a single site or tutorial on the web that can either tell me how to do this in CSS, or gets it right itself! But it used to work per
  4. Ben; do you think the superfluous css code I have on my elements could be stopping things from being centered properly? If so, what do I need to get rid of? Edit: Have added a doctype declaration as per the template you linked to. This hasn't solved the IE problem but has strangely made the background static so it stays full size when I zoom out on the page content. I just can't understand this. Sorry to take so much of your time and thanks again.
  5. Hello again. Sorry to trouble you, but would you know which one of those doc types would be appropriate for my site? I will enlarge the container as you suggest.
  6. Unfortunately, the code I posted above based on what you told me does not seem to solve the problem in IE either..
  7. Hi Ben, many thanks for your responses! I use firefox myself, and the website does apear ok on there, but I don't know if it would if someone used a different screen resolution to mine I also don't know how to zoom in and out on firefox to check things stay in place. -however your comment encourages me. The other browser I use is Avant Browser, an Internet Exlorer enhancement, and I have also checked on IE itself, and both of these place the content a set pixel width from the edge of the screen rather than centered, which messes the whole thing up completely. So I guess it's maybe ju
  8. Lucky guy

    Centering issues

    Hello all. I'd be extremely grateful if you could give me any hints on a centering problem I have. I make websites mainly out of photoshop jpeg images with transparent gifs overlaid for the links. I have always used the following code for centering my pages: div#container { width:800px; position: absolute; top:0; left:50%; margin-left: -400px; } <div id="container"> (page content) </div> This has always centered my pages neatly, which I can tell by zooming out on my browser; the content stays nicely centered with the background. However, getting b
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