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  1. Thanks. I would like to design my own custom sites, and am not interested in using templates. How does this work with the CMS in IPage? Do you use templates or design your own? I'm new to all this so have lots of ?'s...
  2. This may sound like a dumb question since I'm new to the world of CMS (only know html and css right now), but am I understanding WordPress correct, that to make a custom site there, you make a custom theme? and in your opinion, for someone new to the world of web design is making a custom theme moderate or difficult? Any helpful advice/info is greatly appreciated!
  3. I am a student of web design and will be building my first client's site over the next few weeks. She is interested in using IPage hosting and possibly their CMS. My question is, can i bring a custom html/css site into IPage and have my client update her content with their CMS? Also, if you have any recommendations for hosting and user friendly cms I would greatly appreciate it. The whole world of web hosting and cms is new to me and slightly overwhelming. I've looked into wordpress and joomla but don't know if those are good options for what I'm doing. Thanks a bunch!
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