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  1. Thanks for that comment. I think you are right. I have a new website design partially complete for this NHS client but then spent hours trawling through website templates and eventually posted a job for some help on guru and one of the companies showed the desktop design. Wow I thought thats different but then the more I looked at it I wondered it if was a good idea.. If you know of any good sites for templates or good designers that would be great
  2. This may be too general a question to expect an answer from but here goes.. I am in the process of getting quotes from companies for a 4 page website which has .ne at the front and sql at the back. The site is to be used by medical staff who admit they are not computer experts ! The three designs that have come back are all nice but one of them uses ExtJS desktop which is radically different. ( see dev.sencha.com/deploy/ext-4.0.0/examples/desktop/desktop.html ) I have shown it to some friends and some say thats nice cos its different, others have said why have a website that looks
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