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  1. Hi all, I have uploaded 3 images to sit at the top of three colums that I have on my home pages, but the images aren't stretching to the full length of the colum. I have uploaded the page I am testing so you can see what I mean. http://tinyurl.com/6cu4u6s The images in question are the three that sit just below the Titles of the colums. i.e. the square people pictures are the ones I am referring to. The width of these are 260px which is the same with as the ones that sit just above them i.e this one: http://tinyurl.com/68x2hjw for example. However on screen they do not look th
  2. We're happy to see you today. Would be nice to see you tommorrow as well...
  3. Welcome, Nice to have you on board joining in the fun...
  4. You will probably get different opinions when it comes to Alexa rankings. From my perspective, I do not pay any attention to it for my sites anymore. That said, I do like to see it increasing. However, I have detailed stats of how many visitors I get and at the moment, for one of my sites the alexa ranking is over 600,000 and this sites gets over 15,000 unique visitors a month and when the site was only getting around 12,000 uniques it's ranking was under 250,000. What matters to me now is the money that I have coming into the bank for the site and looking at my visitors analytics.
  5. If I catch any spammers in London, Uk, then they are dead meat (And I am a pretty big guy) And if you think my Avatar looks mean, you ain't seen nothing till you get on the wrong side of me...
  6. I have set up pages before without having a profile. When you set up a page at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php? Simply go through the options. Yes at the end if asks you whether you already have a facebook profile, but you don't go for this option. Go for the option where you "Don't have one" They are the only two options. Yes you will obviously need to provide email details etc, but you will not be set up as a personal profile. Once you have your page up and running, then there will be a tab at the top which will always be there (as far as I am aware) that
  7. Thanks for that Wickham. I am actually not that bothered at all about IE6. If someone comes to my page using IE6 they get message asking them to upgrade their browser otherwise the website might not function as best it could.That is good enough for me.
  8. I could be totally off base here because as everyone here know I am just learning, however... It strikes me that the best thing to do is yes, work with percentages to some degree, but also set a minimum width so that you will not have that overlapping issue.
  9. Thanks makes sense now Susie. How you described it is how I have done it. I learned it from the videos in the killersites university. Intellectually I knew that it checked IE css after the first one because I put it after it, however, I just didn't think it had time to check all the way through the first one before moving onto the IE only one. These robots, there pretty quick I guess.
  10. I am a little frustrated, but still moving on. I think I can figure out CSS etc, but I also need to learn photoshop to do this stuff properly and that's an expensive program. ARGHH!

    1. falkencreative


      I used the GIMP for a while before getting Photoshop. It's about as powerful as Photoshop, but definitely isn't as user friendly.


      Unfortunately, I believe Photoshop Elements is pretty limited, and doesn't have all the features of full Photoshop.

    2. joecool


      Okay, I am going to revist the Gimp. I found it a bit difficult to get to grips with but I am sure there are millions of tutorials on youtube.

    3. joecool


      Okay, I am going to revist the Gimp. I found it a bit difficult to get to grips with but I am sure there are millions of tutorials on youtube.

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  11. Thanks everyone. You comments where all really useful. Susie, I didn't know that about just putting the few lines in there to make IE behave and I still don't know how that would work, but since you said it I am going to give it a try. I assumed because it was going to the IE stylesheet that it would not check the other one at all. That little bit of info you have just given me changes everything and makes things a lot more manageble. I think you are right Eddie when you say I need to look at my code. I am sure it must be something that I have done wrong that causes a couple of thing
  12. Hi all, I don't think this is possible but I thought I would ask anyway. I have managed to create a separate style-sheet for one of my sites, and made it specific for some IE compatibility problems I was having and then I have linked to it using conditional comments in in the head section of each page. It all works beautifully. However, I was wondering if there was a way to put conditional comments straight into the current css file rather than creating a new style-sheet. As it stands I don't think this is possible because the particular comment tags used are not made for be
  13. I am currently looking into this myself. I have always had PC's but I have just bought my daughter a MAC and I plan to buy one for myself in the near future. Being a PC user for the last 11 years or so I always made sure I had antivirus software on my PC, so I am finding it difficult to break the habit with my daughters MAC, even though I have read many times that they don't need them. I guess I have been brainwashed... Anyway, I noticed today that AVG seem to be offering some sort of free MAC option these days, has anyone tried this?
  14. I just managed to get my first IE conditional comments working. Yeah, I am very happy right now. I might even treat myself to a chocolate bar...

  15. Yep, it does make sense. Because at the moment I am mainly focused on learning skills that will help me improve my own personal websites and build personal websites, it never really occured to me.
  16. Thanks for the replies Andrea and Eddie. One thing is obvious and that is that it isn't a big deal. You both still manage to build websites and they don't come crumbling down because of the <br> tag. Anyway, in the course I think that it mentioned to use this tag very sparingly. Interesting difference of opinion though on the old <br> tag, inline or not inline, block or not block? I am not going to worry about it anymore. (not that I was worrying anyway, I just wanted to know )
  17. The video I am referring to is in Part 4 of the Web Design 1, section about 5 minutes and 50seconds in, block tags are talking about and on screen it has a list of HTML block level tags which include <div>, <p>,<blockquote> and a bunch of other tags and the <br> tag is also in that list. This is why I was confused.
  18. That makes perfect sense. Since this is the first web design type forum I have ever joined, it never occured to me before. Thanks for the clarification.
  19. Above is a quote from Eric from another thread. I didn't want to post this there because I would be taking Eric's thread off topic. But what Eric said is something I have noticed on this forum before that people don't tend to put links to their actual site when they are asking questions, they tend to use a tiny url or something. Is there a particular reason for this that I should know about? On IM forums I never show my websites but on webdesign type forums, I didn't think it would be a problem. What are others thoughts on this?
  20. when I get my MAC (a few months down the line yet) I think I will have to try it. You have got me curious as to whether it is quicker on my normal XP computer. I will give this ago.
  21. I just wanted to get a little bit of clarification. I was just watching on of the videos on the university and I thought that <br> was described as a block level element. To me it is a bit inbetween, it isn't really block level and it isn't really inline. But officially which one is it?
  22. Hi Eric, I had a quick looking using IE Tester, http://www.my-debugbar.com/wiki/IETester/HomePage (which Ben suggested to me once) The page looked fine. However, when it was loading I got a script error: Line:2 Char:16069 Error: Object Expected Code: 0 But this error might be to do with my IE settings. Don't know, I am still a novice, you probaby have a much better idea than me what it means. But when I pressed okay, the page seemed fine. Hope that helps in someway.
  23. Thanks Wickham, that worked nicely.
  24. Hi all, The learning never ends when it comes to CSS. I am simply trying to accomplish having two images with text in the middle, something like this: <img src="#" title="left side image">This is the text<img src="#" title="right side image"> I have tried different things such as putting things in div's and using display:line, I tried "positioning" them, but nothing seems to work properly. Everything needs to be in a line and left image on the left, text in the middle, right image on the right. Simple? But not simple enough for me it would seem. He
  25. I think we are destined to be twins. We joined this site at roughly the same time and I am just starting on the Javascript stuff as well. I am Going through the killersite University stuff as well as the w3schools stuff. A combination of the two should give me all I need to be able to do what I need to do for now. I have a goal of mastering, HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP, this year. I feel like I have to; I can't afford to get someone else to make changes to some of my sites and one site/community in particular that I am just about to launch uses a normal css website for the front
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