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  1. Deleted and re-installed the plugin and this solved the problem. Thanks! I am looking for a way to report this thread as closed but cannot see any link to do this, sorry.
  2. Please see the siteand scroll down. You will notice 7 paragraphs of RSS text just above the contact form. The RSSImport widget has been removed from the sidebar. Okay, you may not see the sidebar text. because when I deactivate the RSSImport Plugin it goes away but when I activate it again the text comes back. I will leave the text visible for now with the plugin activated in case anybody has an idea on how to fix the issue permanently. Thanks!
  3. Great, I will have to study this and figure out where in the style.css it has to go. Will it replace anything or just stand alone as you have indicated? Please excuse my beginner questions as I am quite inexperienced at this. Also, if you know how to get rid of the horizontal scroll on http://traditionalgolfsociety.com I would love to know that. I was told by someone to change something in a dynamic theme file (style-weaver.css or something like that) but I could not find such a file. Finally, let me say that I really like Manchester from the 4 occasions of visiting there. Afterthought - could this code you have shown be used in the Weaver theme advanced options here domain/wp-admin/themes.php?page=functions.php where they allow you to put in code without touching the style.css file such as <Head> section <!-- Add your own CSS snippets between the style tags. --> <style type="text/css"> </style> or in HTML code insertion areas such as Pre-Header Code, Site Header Insert Code, or Post-Header Code?
  4. Anybody know how to make a header in WP 100% wide behind a WP theme such as Weaver that is say 940 pixels wide? Here is an example http://www.texassports.com/allaccess/?media=260234 of more or less what I'd like to be able to accomplish. I'd like the header to be the whole width of the screen even though the content and sidebar are maybe 940 pixels wide. Thanks!
  5. On www.traditionalgolfsociety.com/rules there is an ol under each topic and the topics themselves constitute a list. What I need to do is be able to have the ol display a 1.1 and 1.2 and 1.3 and maybe 1.2.1 etc. Any suggestions?
  6. Very helpful indeed, Andrea. I have been drafting the content in Word in a table adjusted to the approximate width of the live content area and when copying the data to the live site I inadvertently copied the table as well in two instances. Thanks so much for pointing it out.
  7. Will the attached file help? TGS stylecss.txt
  8. Now the RSS widget font is the same size as the content font, but only on the About page. The Rules page is still too large. And the content on the About page is two different sizes. The body font is fine but the ul at the top remains too large.
  9. This did indeed reduce the content font but it also reduced the RSS widget font proportionately as well. I tried to find RSS and widget textareas but couldn't locate them. Ideally, I'd like them both at 11. What am I missing here?
  10. I have been trying to figure this out. The site description in all of the sites is identical: #site-description { clear: right; float: right; font-style: italic; margin: 14px 0 18px 0; width: 220px; I am not understanding what you said about the left margin is different on the TGS site that has the horizontal scroll bar I am trying to eliminate. Per above, it is identical in all 3 sites.
  11. Thank you for being patient, Eddie!
  12. Where is that and how did it get different from my other two Weaver theme sites when I have been (I thought) following the exact same procedures for all three sites. Apologies for being a dense newbie and thanks for your help.
  13. Thanks, Eddie, would that be style.css ? Or would it be one of these: RTL Stylesheet (rtl.css) Stylesheet (style.css) Visual Editor RTL Stylesheet (editor-style-rtl.css) Visual Editor Stylesheet (editor-style.css) wvr-admin-style.css (wvr-admin-style.css)
  14. Site traditionalgolfsociety.com/home is widget RSS content and /about is content. Would like the content font throughout the site to equal the widget font as shown on home page. Cannot find how to do this so any help will be most appreciated. Thank You!
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