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  1. im guessing its http://www.freewebdesigningreference.com/, as this was shown in another topic too. And it does go all the way across for me...
  2. Didn't see Andrea's post above this, but this is an alternative i think... #blog img{ margin-bottom: 5px; } #philosophy img{ margin-bottom: 5px; } #books img{ margin-bottom: 5px; } This takes the '#blog' div, and changes the properties of any images inside it. Don't forget im still new to coding, so if it doesn't work, you have my apologies :L
  3. Ahh, thanks for both replies And i have: margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; Will this have the same effect? Admittedly, i was told about this without asking any questions, so i wasn't sure of its use... Could you please go into more detail into the effect this has on the site?
  4. After asking a few other people, on here, and others, i have realized that the kind of websites i end up making always end up not fitting any monitor except mine... So i was wondering, if i work in percentages the whole way through the coding process, will it just pick up on the monitor size and take a percentage of that? The only issue that creates is that someone with a significantly smaller screen will have overlapping images if they are inserted... Thanks a lot, Danny
  5. danhodge

    css and php help

    I thought the page link would be in the HTML file?
  6. It depends on what it needs to be used for... I used Joomla once, and it has some good features, like a forum called 'Kunena' which is free. Only issue is that its hard to find template for, and extremely hard to edit in my opinion :S Also, you can add as many people as admin as you would like
  7. The nav bar to go the entire width, but so that it doesn't need horizontal scrolling...
  8. Dammit :S How would i fix that?
  9. Andrea, im not sure how the positioning is off, as i have coded the width as a percentage, and i have put it in the code: margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; As for the plank, if i had time, i should of spent longer trying to find a better picture, as i was hoping it would have a more dynamic appearance, but i will take it into consideration Coollew, I just checked on all browsers and it seems fine, im not sure if i accidentally fixed it in updating it, it would be great if you could recheck? I seem to of made the same mistake twice and coded for Opera, and forgotten to check the others... i need a better routine :L Thanks for the advice
  10. Hey guys I have recently gotten Flash CS5, and since i have neither Fireworks or Photoshop, im using it for graphics and such, so this is the most recent template i have created, which uses an editted picture from google as part of the navbar background. Im hoping for a lot of feedback on this site, on coding and graphics, as im still pretty new to coding, and i need all the help i can get since all i know about coding is through this sites forum and google The link: http://theskatestore.net63.net/ By the way, the nav bar is coded, not created by flash Thanks a lot, Danny
  11. danhodge

    Link to site

    Ahh okay then, thanks
  12. danhodge

    Link to site

    Hello again, its been a while Okay, i am testing out creating navigation bars with Flash and im having an issue which is... pretty minor to be honest, but its frustrating me to a point at which i want to ditch flash even for these little things... My problem is that although i have put a link into to 'link' box, it wont actually link to the other part of my site. I have the link correct i think, and the destination of the URL is correct too, but it wont move I don't understand what '_blank' and the other options in 'target' mean, but i think i watched about 10 tutorials and im guessing i should be using _blank. A screenshot of the URL section: I hope you can help me out with this... Thanks, Danny
  13. Sorry, i rushed that message there... I just meant im interested to see what parts of Javascript it could replace - could simplify a lot of code for some people
  14. You have certainly interested me, in terms of replacing Javascript...
  15. Im split, but my favorite part about HTML5 is how you can do things like <footer> </footer>... Means you don't have to use the div tags constantly
  16. danhodge

    Flash title

    Sorry, i fixed it, there was one thing i hadn't tried and it worked - i thought i had an issue with the flash settings :L Thanks anyway
  17. danhodge

    Flash title

    Okay, il make this one simple: i created a title in flash that i wish to use in my website, in order to have a title which has some better effects on it, and i didn't do too badly... I have managed to export the file as a html file, use a php include to this file, then upload it(and it works fine on the URL). My only problem is that i cant add anything under the title whatsoever, which is a slight drawback to be honest Anyone know why this is? The background of the graphic has ended up as the background of the whole page, and i guess that could be important towards the answer... Thanks, Danny
  18. Trust me, the others in here could do much better, im just a user of this site... (when i say the others, i mean people like Andrea for posts like that) And this framework can just be edited by changing the color scheme to what you would like it to be, it doesn't look to bad as it is, its only a bit weird looking because its just got no content... So a darker color scheme could look like this: http://templatetest.vacau.com/
  19. Do you mean so that you can add anything and it wont change around the order too much? I actually really like this template... This is what i could do with it in a quick rush using a video on my homepage, and randomly typing things into it Template test Don't worry, i wont use this template for myself, thats all yours - but i may have to steal some ideas
  20. I just downloaded HTML-Kit, and that is veerryy useful, and easy to use. Goodbye Notepad
  21. I see what you mean, but as said here: 'I'm a newcomer and novice web designer' Surely a less complex program like Notepad could be better for learning to start with? I know there are others that are free, like Microsoft Webmatrix(which i have), but i personally benefited from having to work everything out for myself instead of seeing the exact mistakes straight away... Speeds up and learning process you may need to get your head around But i do see what you mean, and i may be finding another, as Webmatrix isn't very reliable either...
  22. Notepad - its free, simple, and there isn't really any bad point if you get used to it...
  23. Notepad isn't bad, you just have to get used to checking for mistakes... also, i have Microsoft WebMatrix which is pretty good too - and free...
  24. danhodge

    Download a ZIP

    It works! For some reason when i tried that it wouldn't work for me... i must of been doing something wrong... Thank you so much
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