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  1. I have already added display:block, and the padding/margins do work, but they take the background color with them, which is the problem im having, as the color falls out of the navbar. Sorry if that wasn't clear...

  2. Hello again :)


    I have started another attempt at designing my homepage (i have 2 ideas going, one with Joomla and one hand coded), and i have hit an issue with my navbar...


    http://dhdesign.net63.net/ - I would like the text to be centered in the middle of the navbar, however all of the techniques i have tried aren't working (margin-top, vertical-align, padding), as they move the background color with them.


    Is there any way i can keep the background color in the same place, whilst moving the text down?


    Thanks a lot,



    Oh, and i apologize if the code is a bit odd around the area of the navbar on the link, it is the result of following 2 or 3 google tutorials i found that didn't work.

  3. Im a little paranoid about webhosting, as i don't want to suggest a webhost that doesn't include something i need.


    3ix.co.uk is the site i was going to use, and this is the stuff it claims to give you on the cheapest deal:


    Web Hosting - Excite Plan - 40,000mb (40GB) Space

    100gb Bandwidth

    US$1 | UK£0.70


    This seems too good to be true, surely?



    Thanks a lot,


  4. Take it from someone who just tried to do a job full of a massive background image, LSW is very right :bash:

    All it will do is drive you crazy with any code that is anything above basic, so you will have to work around the image instead of using it to your advantage...


    Also, i can't open the image through the path you put in the CSS, so its either a path issue, or maybe you have it set to .jpg when the CSS says .jpeg? Not sure if that changes anything, but its a possibility :)

  5. I would take the advice, about the silver line especially - a horizontal scroll bar is a worst nightmare for a lot of people, and it makes the website looks unprofessional...


    Is it an issue with the Javascript, or maybe since it has been uploaded?


    Also, what are you testing it on(Browser)? As Andrea pointed out, your Doctype is incomplete, which has caused me several issues on Internet Explorer before...

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"



    This is the full W3C doctype (to my understanding, the latest one), so if you correct the code at the top of your page with this, it might work?

  6. Well, i can edit the CSS perfectly fine, but its more a case of navigating around the files that confuses me - there is barely any HTML to work with, so if i wanted to change something like the text on the login form, i wouldn't know how to do that... (I don't think you can do that through 'Admin').

  7. Okay, reading through the beginning part of this has helped me a lot, but i have a very simple question - does it help to have yourself set up with a name for your business that isn't just your name? Such as Falken creative, or a&b website design? Im not sure if this is answerable, but i wondered if anyone has had feedback from a client, or other website designers, about its effectiveness? That isn't just aimed at Ben and Andrea, however i found links on your profiles and i thought it might of helped :)


    I was going to simply have my title as 'Daniel Hodge Website Design', however since most of the posters i have seen around this site seem to have certain business names, is this something i should also consider?


    Thanks a lot!

  8. I have been looking through all the debates over which is better out of Joomla and Wordpress, and the final opinion seems to be that they aren't comparable because they each have their own uses, which surpass the 'competition'.


    So i was wondering, will killersites be making any tutorials on Joomla? I prefer to use this for now, as it seems to offer more options than Wordpress (blogs, and other add ons such as a forum that can be used fairly easily), however customizing the default template feels like a shot in the dark, and i would of thought Joomla will get as many purchases as Wordpress got for you? Being able to make a template from scratch would be great!


    Also, just so i don't spam up the forums with another thread, i am creating my website design homepage, as i figured the earlier i started the better, and i thought of using Joomla... Is this too much for a website design homepage, or is it suggested?


    My reasoning was that i am, obviously, hoping to be adding to my portfolio regularly, so it would be a pain to jump back into dreamweaver and edit more code, so if i could log in on Joomla, i can make a new article, throw in a picture of the finished design, and set it to the frontpage, then i have my 'Portfolio' page, which is a front page blog layout, which will show all my past jobs - meaning uploading it once will place it in the several places i want it.


    Thanks a lot for all your help,


  9. Well, the thing is - i totally agree with you, and creating a website purely through graphics was like my worst nightmare, however the client asked for this exact design - sky background, wood for the center bit, grass at the bottom, and some kind of plants around the wood. So although website designers are supposed to make it look good for the viewers, the clients views are still more important - since thats who is paying me, right? And i wont be using this in a portfolio, so that isn't really an issue either...

  10. Well, my monitor is 1600 by 1000 pixels, so if it works on that size properly, would you say that is the best optimization?


    I think i remember someone showing me a link on here about the average of what monitors people use, and since i have the average size, thats okay right?

  11. But using that make the background fixed, yet the text boxes still scroll... Do i need to change the size of the text boxes, or make them fixed?


    Also, i have 2 versions going trying to fix the problem, and on the same link, i have made the textboxes fit in the right places, and everything else, i just have a white space of about 300 - 500 pixels (guessing) at the bottom of the page on a laptop sized monitor. How unprofessional would this look to anyone actually looking at the website do you think? I wont be using this website on my portfolio unless i find a way of getting rid of that white space, but im not sure how it would look to someone who just wants a caterer...


    Thanks a lot for your help so far, but i think my image is about 1600px in height, so fitting the screen exactly actually squashes it down (which was my mistake, i didn't think that one through).

  12. Having that problem that always seems to pop up for me - the background image.


    This is the link:




    If you are viewing this on a fairly big monitor, on a desktop computer, you will see something along the lines of this at the bottom:




    If you are viewing it on a laptop, there is a massive white gap. This is caused by a 'margin-bottom: -400px;' i had to put in, since there is no height on the image (i did this to solve the same problem im already having, and hit a brick wall).


    What i would like to know is, is there a way of making the background image stretch vertically but not horizontally? If not, can anyone look at the code/website and see if there is any way i can get rid of the white space, without removing any text, or editing the photo's size again? The background image is saved on Adobe Fireworks, so it has layers i can edit if you think that will help, but it will make the image look a lot worse...


    Thanks a lot!


  13. Oh i know about that, the grass is what i added to see if its going to look okay there, its also terrible quality with white sections i haven't removed :)


    I'm still working on the textbox right now, i need something that works well enough...

  14. Ahh yes, i am trying to work on that, its just hard to expand images without pixelating them - im still not very good with graphics yet :S


    And it was 'Checking for malicious content', but its done now. Its a free website host, so they take a while.


    I'm just testing online before i get the real one going, so i can send the link to her via email.


    If you wanna check it out its here:


  15. I think it should be fitting to the screen - my screen is w = 1600 h = 1000, and it seems to work on peoples laptops too...


    The website host is currently reviewing the site, so i can't give you a link yet, but i will when its possible.


    Thanks, i tried with several colors/shades, and thats the only one that seems to work well. Brown is such a hard color to work with sometimes :lol:

  16. Hello again :)


    I am in the process of creating my first official website - which is for a family member, so i have had the fortune of being able to talk to her in person about it. I have run into an issue on the design however.


    She asked for a naturalish looking design, with a wood theme in the center (taking up the whole of the centered part), and a sky background. This was done fine, and to her happiness, so i told her i would finish it off at home, so i could work on it a bit better, with more programs available(we were working on her laptop).


    Now, because of the wood in the middle, it is very hard to get visable writing down, so im not sure how im going to put anything on the site whatsoever...



    I have added my an attachment with my first attempt at this, with the image on it too as she had asked. I would love any criticism into the website, and more importantly - how would you go about writing onto a wood background like this?




    post-30406-059415500 1305462275_thumb.jpg

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