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  1. Now a days Web Design Job is the most growing field then other job fields. What is our opinion about this?


    It's true That it's a growing fields, but when I'm (as a designer) seeking job online is too tough to reach perfect bid on this projects ...

    I've well skill on graphic design but as a freelancer I need more project....then leave the web design company service....

  2. Hey, how's it going? A potential client approached us earlier and wanted a Flash animation piece, it's not complicated just detailed, but we don't do Flash. It's an animation, no functionality is needed, except for a few buttons. I really don't know the details of the wanted outcome, but I figured I'd post on here for anyone who is interested. If you think you can accomplish this, feel free to send me your information and I will forward it to the client. This would not be tied with my company in any way, it will be between you and the client only.




    Hi Kyle


    I'm a web-graphic designer

    new comer on this forum and interested to working on your posting job....

    I can do flash

    please see the links as my portfolio


    [contact the user for his links]


    please refer me






    Gtalk: jackbabai7



    skype: Abhishek.Mandal3

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