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    Web Programming (HTML, CSS, Flash, SQL, PHP)
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About Me

Hi there,


im a 30 something web design beginner from England. I have called myself Pacino on here as I have an enormous respect for Stefan's tutorials from years ago when this site started out, and to me, half way across the globe, he sounds exactly like a relaxed version of Al Pacino from one of my all time fav films - Heat.


I am a premium member after dipping my toe and learning HTML and CSS from Killersites. I guess its fair to say in some areas of web design I am an advanced beginner however in others I am totally new. I am moving forward constantly and addressing things though and so far happy with my progress.


I am currently (Dec 2013) setting up as a freelance Web Designer. I have my first client, a local charity I am affiliated with and I am to redesign there site for them. Rising to the challenge and thankful of the opportunity I aim to learn as I go.


For the next few years I will be building a portfolio of my work so when I launch I am ready to hit the ground running.


My near future aims are to build a base and become at least an advanced beginner in HTML. CSS, Flash, SQL and PHP and then raise these to intermediate standards and beyond.


I have designed graphics for a few years and this brings me to a passionate opinion of mine. I am a Fireworks lover and proud!

I cannot see how Web Designers the world throughout prefer Photoshop and Illustrator for the Web. It baffles me. Not saying there not great programs but for me there both for Print where as FW is designed from the ground up for the net.


Hope to make a lot of new friends and contacts on Killersites, feel free to add me.


One last note, please forgive any spelling errors. I am moderately dyslexic. When it comes to pro sites for clients they will all be proof read but that is impractical for every forum post.


Best regards,




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