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  1. Hello, I’m back. I seem to have a problem on my Navigation Bar again. My website: www.tokyo-sushi-chef-institute.com has the follow navigation bar across the top as follows: HOME OUR MISSION CHEF DIPLOMA COURSE METROPOLIS TOKYO LOCATION INQUIRE CONTACT When one logs on, the HOME page first appears. When I move across the Navi Bar and hit each link, each page appears perfectly. But once I get to the CONTACT link and decide to hit METROPOLIS TOKYO.again, for some reason I get an ERROR 404 PAGE NOT FOUND message.For some reason only METROPOLIS TOKYO link has this problem. I have had this problem for the past several days. I’ve discussed the issue with several Tech Support people at my hosting company. No one has yet been able to solve the problem. Is there anyone who might have a clue as to how I can stop this malfunction? Regards rk
  2. Hello Ben, Thanks. The html worked. After taking a good look at the CODE window I see it was identical to the other links. I really must start getting into html/css codes. Thanks again. Regards Richard
  3. Hello, I am new to DREAMWEAVER MX. I went through Stephan introductory videos. Quite good. The problem I face is that I don't know the procedure of making the HOME page link with the other pages. Anyone out there know which bottons to press? Regards Richard
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