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  1. I have read the comments all the way through. It's not editing the shopping cart template that I'm having trouble with, it's editing the web template. That one is more difficult and it's not that easy to add an extra page with buttons whose properties are not already set.
  2. Hi All, Thank you so much for looking at my post and responding. I'm so happy to be getting anywhere at all with this issue. IM, in response to your post I did write/post on forums where the template was purchased and the response by the template's author was that help would be provided if I paid for it! I know that I could figure it out on my own, but after three days up staying up til 6am and reading lots of forums and tutorials, I don't feel like I'm getting any closer. I like your solution of But like you mentioned, it has so much code, and being a rookie, I'm no
  3. Hello! I am using this template as my main web page and am trying to somehow link this shopping cart templateinto it. I have spent days trying various tutorials, but I'm not finding any luck no matter what methods I've tried. I'm sure it is not that simple, so I have been trying my best changing some codes here and there. Perhaps I am not searching the correct key words? Thank you for your help!
  4. Hello All, So I bought and edited a template from ActiveDen, found here and I have managed to alter it and change it to exactly to how I would like it visually. But I would also like to add a shopping cart function to this website. I bought a shopping cart template from ActiveDen as well, found here. I just want to add an additional page to the website called "Shop" and link it to the working shopping cart template I purchased. But ideally, I would like to actually integrate the second template into the original web template, which I realize is more advanced than the first option. So I
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