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    PHP and Forms

    I fear I may have led you down the garden path. The form is actually Javascript. Here is the html. There is no "action" tag. Is this form poorly coded then, or more sophisticated than the usual? <div class="container1"> <div class="col-5"> <div class="h3"><input type="text" onblur="if(this.value=='') this.value='Name:'" onfocus="if(this.value =='Name:' ) this.value=''" value="Name" /></div>
  2. Freedom1

    PHP and Forms

    I've started my own web hosting company so I have my own server, that is I pay for the space. I've uploaded the PHP file to a subdomain I created for the website. Thanks for thinking about it though.
  3. Freedom1

    PHP and Forms

    Thanks, I've been trying to do as you suggested, but I'm sure it's something I am not getting right with the code. I'll keep hacking away at it. I should learn a lot about this by the trial and error method!
  4. Freedom1

    PHP and Forms

    How about making a video showing an example of using php with a contact form that is already in a website template? I won't be creating many forms from scratch, since I plan to use ready made website templates, but I'm having trouble deciphering just how to incorporate php into an existing form to make it work. One example would be helpful. Thanks.
  5. Thank you. I use FileZilla to FTP also. I found the same thing with CoffeeCup as you've mentioned, and it also does not always display accurately in the live preview either. Perhaps that is why.
  6. I started using CoffeeCup because my Dreamweaver subscription has expired. I figure out how to begin a webpage in HTML, 4.01 Strict, although it defaults to XHMLT on open. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the reply. The html code that CoffeeCup makes available all have the closing tags, ie, <p> </p>, and etc used in html. I hope I can afford Dreamweaver sometime soon, as it seems they have things figured out a bit better than some others. Unfortunately I already completed a free trial from Adobe, before finding this site! Thanks again for the help.
  8. I am using CoffeCup to edit html and when I create a new document, it defaults to the XHTML DOC TYPE, Transitional. What I am wondering is if I overwrite the doc type with the HTML 4.01 Strict information, which you suggest we use, is the rest of the information on the webpage then read correctly by browsers if I do that? I guess what I am asking is this: other than the DOC TYPE at the beginning, is the HTML and CSS that are used to construct the page exactly the same regardless of the DOC TYPE, or would simply over-writing the doc type cause problems with browsers interpreting the r
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