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    I think the question was should I use ASP.NET to write server side code and I think we all know the answer is, switch to PHP! Just kidding lol
  2. If you are just starting out plan to run with one or two projects at once and gain momentum and you get a better grasp of running the business and the time it takes you to finish certain types of project, as a result of your experience, over time you will be able to gain a better estimate of how many projects you can handle at once.
  3. This is a highly variable question - what kind of website are you describing, pure XHTML/CSS with little scripting and no server side material or a full blown PHP driven portal with bell's and whistles? Flush out the spec first then create your estimate around how long it will genuinely take you to write solid code; then add 20% for a buffer. Beware of client that are over eager to have goods delivered in a rush - this can mean trouble. If this might be an exception to that rule and you feel you can accommodate the work - charge time + a half in the understanding you are going to be working outside your normal business process to make the delivery date. Just some ideas. R
  4. Hi, I am a new member and joined to take your JQuery course. Whilst I was surprised just to see how powerful JQuery is, and thought the course showed some good examples. I also thought the content was a little light - for an introduction it did not really go into the syntax or what was going on behind the scenes. Are there any plans to flush out the JQuery series and offer a more thorough introduction? I also thought the tutorial could be improved by giving more detailed information on interactions with PHP and more on the combination with JSON. Otherwise I was very pleased with the course and thought it was well presented - just hungry for more... Rich
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