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    XML Sitemap

    Hello all, How do I add an XML Sitemap to my website using Dreamweaver. I'm a novice but I'm getting there very slowly bur surley. Can any one advise me please. Thank You.
  2. Hello all, I've been asked by one of my friends to do some changes on there existing website, at the moment I'm using CS3 Dreamweaver so I'm a bit of a novice & still learning. My friend has given me all the passwords for his hosting company because the website companies gave up & has gone under, So I'm looking to grab hold of the existing website & do some changes Re: FTP Can some advise me the best way to handle this problem. Thxs Matt
  3. Hello, How do I add XML Sitemap to my webpages by using dreamweaver! Thanks, please advice Matt
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