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  1. can I control multiple domains from one ipage account or will i have to create multiple accounts for multiple pages.
  2. thanks for the quick replies. looks like ill definately go with ipage.com
  3. I am looking to start making websites for a few small business locally for a hobby mostly (I have a full time job) and hopefully it will turn into more and more once I am more advanced. I think the business I work for has a weak website and could use major updating and also we would like the ability to edit content and images more often. I also have friends with small business that would just like a name presence on the internet with a web address. A simple one page website would suffice for a while with a few images and contact information and maybe references. I am just looking for a clean l
  4. what method did you use to design it? and who did you use to host it? im looking to put up my first site
  5. i have a project of setting up a company forum for a few other companies to log into and share information, we want this forum to be completely private and not listed on anything. nothin fancy or anything just something that gets the job done and makes communication as a whole easier. what do i need? a server? a domaain? or should i just pay someone to do it? just lookin for help if anyone can provide any, it would be greatly appreciated.
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