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  1. Hi There, I currently do a few sites here and there, but absolutely not a "master" yet (still working on that)...anyways...I have Studio 8, and was wondering if I should upgrade to the new CS5? Money is not an issue, and I love playing around with new gadgets and software, but only if it is worth the while. Any input ??
  2. Thanks... I thought of that, only problem is they don't want to dish out any more money...and all that software is so expensive. I have seen the "ready made" ecommerce through various hosting companies, but with as many products as they have I would have to get the "unlimited" and once again, they said "no" to the extra $30/month. Maybe it would be worth my sanity to pay that myself...LOL
  3. Ok...I need some advice. I have done a website for a business (with very little knowledge of what I was doing) My question is this.... They have thousands of products they want their customers to be able to view...but they DO NOT want a shopping cart. (Even though I have tried to convince them) What would be the best way to display all the products in multiple catagories?? (keeping in mind that I'm still learning CSS, and haven't even touched on PHP & MYSQL) I have it set up now in tables and it's a complete mess. Any advise ?!?!?!
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