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  1. Dear all, This is a simple changelog to use the project files from the awesome tutorial of Jon Lebensold on windows (and correct some errors on Mac). Windows Environment checking ERROR : The following output with additional error maybe Article Manager layout()->content ?> render('primary-navigation.phtml'); ?> placeholder('secondaryNavigation'); ?> Here it goes the footer SOLUTION : Be sure to turn ON the short tag in PHP if you use WAMP, open php.ini and change the value of the following line : ; http://php.net/short-open-tag short_open_tag = On ERROR : CSS Trouble To fix any trouble with the CSS, create a virtualhost in Apache. In the httpd.conf file, add the virtual host name " articlemanager " with the following lines (according to your own DocumentRoot) : # site web articlemanager Options All DocumentRoot /Volumes/DATA/snoop/Sites/ArticleManager/html ServerName articlemanager NameVirtualHost articlemanager Open the file " hosts " from C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc and add the following line : articlemanager ArticleManager Files update Secondly get the files : http://www.killerphp.com/zend-framework/videos/setting-up-mvc-zend-downloads.zip - Unzip the file in the Wamp dir "x:\wamp\www\" , you get a folder "ArticleManager" with 3 folders : "application", "html" and "library". - Make the following updates : ERROR : Notice: Undefined variable: option in F:\wamp\www\ArticleManager\html\index.php on line 26 SOLUTION : In " html / index.php " at line 26, replace : Zend_Layout::startMvc($option); by Zend_Layout::startMvc($options); at line 34, to enable the error tracking, replace : //$controller->throwExceptions(true); // should be turned on in development time by $controller->throwExceptions(false); // should be turned on in development time Update to Zend Framework 1.10 In the folder " ArticlaManger / library " rename " Zend " folder into " Zend_old " then copy/past the new " Zend " folder in version 1.10. In " html / index.php " at line 18, replace Zend_Loader::registerAutoload(); With : include_once('Zend/Loader/Autoloader.php'); $loader = Zend_Loader_Autoloader::getInstance(); $loader->setFallbackAutoloader(true); $loader->suppressNotFoundWarnings(false); Hope that can help other people and enjoy MVC in Zend PS: Sorry about the various updates, feel free to delete quotes from my previous post.
  2. In fact I uncomment the right line but to enable the error tracking, throwExceptions() must get " false " according to : http://codeutopia.net/blog/2009/03/02/handling-errors-in-zend-framework/ So I see the errors now ;-) Thank you for your quick answer !!
  3. Strange ... in my case I created the database and made a mistake in my username in the file " classes/DbInitialize.php " ! The result was a blank page ! I get absolutly no error, despite the line " $controller->throwExceptions(true); // should be turned on in development time " uncommented ... I wonder why ?
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