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  1. More info that may be of use - phpMyAdmin comes of course with a couple of DB's of it's own, so in case it was my use of phpMyAdmin, I have also tried inserting the code within CS4 to get the full info from those without filtering anything. The test works when setting up the binding or server behaviour, but the page still doesn't produce any results
  2. Well spotted ! I've now regenerated the query in server behaviours into a fresh page, and still nothing displays (still no code in the body tags) www.mobiledjnetwork.co.uk/phptest.php I've also done this for a second page with your suggested code in the body tags, but still nothing ! This time with no query as such, just requesting the whole table to be displayed www.mobiledjnetwork.co.uk/phptest2.php As you'll see from the live pages, I'm getting a warning (dont see this locally), but the line referance it quotes is not in the code ! Thanks for your ongoing help !!
  3. Hi guys, I've been dabbling with HTML and flash for a few years, only as an end user really, with my own set of websites I want to get a selection of records from MySQL into different pages, and although I've mapped the testing server (MAMP & PHPMyAdmin) as localhost, I can access the database via CS4, and create relevant working queries in both bindings and server behaviours, that's where I grind to a halt. No matter how I do it, drag, copy or insert the code into my existing HTML or newly created PHP page, the code shows, but the results don't. I'm convinced this is the mo
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