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  1. Does anybody here has experience with Textpattern(CMS).It seems they use theit own sort of tags mixed in the html and php. Isn't that confusing? It looks like a decent CMS and their gallery has some of the best websites i have seen. Jack.
  2. So actually we have 2 copies of Apache installed one in OSX and one in MAMP? I always wonderd if MAMP wouldn't override the one in OSX and if that wouldn't be a bad idea but as everybody seems to be doing it i think its alright. So Apache in OSX acces php in MAMP? Jack.
  3. At the moment i'm using Coda as my editor. I wonder why this editor updates my php page in the preview mode when i make changes to the script even when MAMP isn't active. Shouldn't it be that the local server(php) always have to be active to show php pages and the changes you make? Jack.
  4. Thanks Stefan so far for the information i'll see what the administrator comes up with.
  5. i Well the pc on my desk connected to the server of course,but i realize now that it wouldn't work if i installed Wamp on my own pc(unless it is always on).It has to be on the server. So to the original question,can i install Wamp and a cms on the server without screwing anything up? Bare with me i'm new to all this. Jack.
  6. Thanks,i already looked how to set up Wamp but as a general question would it hurt to install it on the server or could it also be done with a pc connected to that server?
  7. Hi, A colleague of mine has made an intranet site on our server at work and he used frontpage.It is not a CMS,but has links to files with information and some sort of connection to a SQL database. I was wondering if a CMS system like Wordpress or any other wouldn't be better. But how can you do that?Our server which runs WindowsXP doesn't have PHP as far as i know.Would installing Wamp some place on that server be ok,or would that interfere with the rest of the server which has a ticket sale service on it and i don't want to screw that up. Would it be possible to install Wamp on a local computer and could we then have access to the CMS? Or are there any other options for a intranet CMS. I ask here first to gain some information before i talk to the system administrator so i know what i have to ask him? Jack. btw. this is my first post here but will post more once i get through the PHP videos.
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