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  1. The style sheet will update any pages it's attached too. If you've created a template and attached a style sheet and then used that template to build multiple pages any changes you makes to the style sheet will automatically affect those pages. Dreamweaver doesn't give you a list of all the pages that have been updated unlike when you make changes to the template.
  2. Think Fireworks for prototyping, Dreamweaver for building. Fireworks is useful because you can quite easily prototype a fully functional website and show to a client without the need to start coding all the HTML and CSS. It's also easier to make changes, especially structural ones if the client doesn't like something.
  3. philmonk

    Two basic CSS Mistakes

    The only other thing I would add is learn to comment your CSS. The amount of times I have gone back to some code I wrote and can't remember why I did it a certain way or which bits are for which part of the page etc. This is also true for HTML. I now always try and comment both HTML and CSS - I'm no saint though :/ but it does help if you are working on project with other people or like I said you come back to a project down the line
  4. Hi all, I'm new here too, I'm Phil, live and work in Oxford UK. Looking forward to making new contacts and learning more
  5. I've just been looking at the Wordpress tuts, look quite good, worth a membership I think. Phil
  6. I've been using wordpress for a blog but not got round to using it to develop a site yet. My wifes webite needs an overhaul and I want to make it easy for her to add content (instead of me doing it!) so I am thinking of giving wordpress a go and seeing what happens. I've not built a wordpress theme/template so that should be something else to learn. Phil
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